The National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba for the first time adopted a surprising decision, of course, without debate and unanimously, on December 21.

The session scheduled for February 24 was postponed to April 19, covered by articles 72 and 111 of the Constitution of the Republic.

Raul Castro postponed his resignation as president of the Councils of State and Ministers by virtue of the opinion of the "parliament" on the decision of the Council of State adopted on December 15. A plenary session of the Communist Party, where events and itineraries were predictably scheduled, had been held on December 20.

The next session to begin the IX Legislature, with the election of the president and the members of the Council of State, will not take place on the symbolic date of the beginning of the revolution of the Mambises, led by José Martí in 1895, which Fidel Castro used to argue the continuity of his revolution since January 1, 1959. Raul Castro raised his own historical milestone to justify the change for "the day of the great victory of socialism over imperialism" in 1961, in line with the new disagreement with States United and, above all, to mask the imperious need of time with a non-convincing propaganda.

Motives have enough to dispense with the steps "without haste, but without pause", which hindered the Lineamientos, plans and chronograms of Raúl Castro to achieve a "prosperous and sustainable socialism" and, to fulfill his promises to modify the Constitution, to adapt the legislation and bequeath a Cuba in economic boom and with decent quality of life.

Barely four months to consolidate the retirement of the historical leaders and raise the "proposed" substitutes, promote the execution of everything pending and establish commitments to continue the agreements adopted. The general-first secretary of the Communist Party will have all the mechanisms of command, but the heirs would try to impose their own seals.

In four months, the 86-year-old president, who in more than 10 years with absolute power did not amend the chaos inherited from Fidel Castro, may not say "after me, the delugue", but mend it if you can. He will continue to watch from his office or his mansion, as he has done to face Hurricane Irma and help the hundreds of thousands of victims (he has never been to the devasteded places) . In short, Irma has provided justification for postponing the transfer of power, for having caused the delay of the elections. Elections in Cuba?

Raúl Castro confirmed that "when the National Assembly is constituted, my second and last term at the head of the State and the Government will be concluded, and Cuba will have a new president." Of course, who will be, will remain on hold until then.

The traditional reports on the fulfillment of the Plan of the Economy and Budget of 2017, as well as those corresponding to 2018 and the serious problems existing in vital spheres, passed to the second level of information.

However, we must soon address matters of great importance, such as the alleged increse of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 1.6%, after a decrease of 0.9% in 2016, while economic difficulties persisted or augmented, and 2% growth is projected for 2018 with a "plan aimed at maximum possible compliance with the main priorities within the priorities", according to Vice President Cabrisas; the (non) implementation of the Lineamientos (economic and social guidelines); and many more matters.

Miriam Leiva

Independent Journalist

December 2017

Published Blogs Huffpost.mx

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