Food production has been defined as a strategic issue by Raúl Castro, but agro-industry can not raise its head.

The shortage continues to the national market, the impossibility to substitute imports and export.

In 2017, agricultural production grew by 3%, with favorable compliance in agricultural tobacco, vegetables, beans, viands, beef and pork, except eggs and fresh milk, according to Ricardo Cabrizas, economic vice president, in the
National Assembly, on December 21. With construction, tourism and transport managed to impact the growth of 1.6% of gross domestic product (GDP), officially announced.

It is difficult to understand how the increase reported was possible, when during the year the markets were depleted, with a lot of price increase in the supply and demand markets (private), which caused the great discontent of the population and the Solomonic government decision to "top prices". Before it had blamed
the commercialization by intermediaries, which were prohibited; the inefficient storage company "Acopio", and other mechanisms were reinstated, originating the late collection of the products, their decomposition and the loss for consumption and industry.

In recent years, the drought was also blamed, but in September Hurricane Irma devastated many crops, so agriculture contribution to increase of the GDP in 2017, officially informed 2017, is unsustainable.

The measures adopted since 2010 were hampered by prohibitions on the economic progress of producers, and therefore discouraging the strong
efforts required to tame lands turned into infertile and full of marabou (grass), both in state entities, cooperatives and new usufructuaries; the reluctance of leaders to change their prerogatives and power; the exodus of technicians and agricultural workers due to the deactivation of the sugar mills, the clearing of cane fields, the impossibility of finding work because the lands were not destined to other crops as had been announced; the accumulated problems
In the cooperatives, basically the Basic Production Units Farming (UBPC), burdened by losses and debts, which received insufficient solutions and in many cases the deactivation ordered by the government, demonstrating that the peasants are not voluntarily incorporated; the "deviations", in fact theft of equipment , fuel, production, and cattle to slaughter and sell the meat in the black market.

The agricultural sector is in the process of perfecting its functions and structures, aimed at achieving a more organized, efficient and productive agriculture. With this purpose, their functions are redefined and scientific institutions are integrated into business groups. Annually investments grow by 14%. Foreign investment is promoted for agroindustrial sugar and agrifood projects, with the purpose of achieving productive linkages, said Gustavo Rodríguez Rollero, minister of agriculture, at the International Agroindustrial Food Fair
(FIAGROP) 2017, according to the Cuban News Agency (ACN) on March 20, 2017.


Miriam Leiva
Independent Journalist

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