Dear Mr. President,

I share the great appreciation of Cubans from all walks of live on the island to your proactive people to people policy commenced in 2009, which has reunited families and friends, improved the quality of life by remittances, estimulated our minds locked by isolation imposed by the Cuban government, unveiled the opportunities of the 21st Century existing in the United Stated and the world, assisted self-employment, opened possibilities for trade, research, joint ventures, culture and Internet, and supported independent civil society. Likewise Americans coming to Cuba have revitalized our longtime friendship and co-operation in all fields. The reestablishment of diplomatic relations, reopening the Embassies, your Executive Orders, the dialogues and agreements signed have had very positive impact on Cuban society.

The Cuban government has lost the excuse to blame the United States for its own failures and wrongdoings. For 24 years I have been advocating, as my late husband had, for the US ending a policy that had h counterproductive results for 55 years, thus we were –and I am still- submitted to misunderstanding and repression. Changes must be brought about by us, Cubans, but the United States can assist us very much by advancing further in the historic and fruitful path you started.

I wish you success in your new endeavors and happiness with your beautiful family.

Miriam Leiva

Independent journalist

Human Rights Activist

Havana, December 17th, 2016

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