Oscar’s liver condition is much compromised, and no more could be done here in Cuba. He is having coangistis agudizada recurrente. Last August, through an endoscopy of minimum access (Colangiopancreatografía retrógrada endoscópica -CPRE), the doctor put a proteases on the biliary canal of the left side of the liver, but it is impossible to do so on the right side. He suffered a severe pancreatitis. The proteases can last only a few months, maybe two, and here there are not any for longer periods. It should have been checked by October-November, but the doctors went abroad, and never came back. There were delays waiting for their return and delays by the hospital in getting a new appointment for the CPRE that has to be performed in another hospital. Oscar had fevers due to the infection, and great amounts of antibiotics were prescribed. Back to the hospital in serious conditions in December, and on January 16 at last he underwent another endoscopy, a new and larger proteases (the previous one was obstructed) and doctor’s conclusion is that his life is at stake.

Oscar has always refused leaving Cuba without guarantee of return, and he still thinks so. He has authorized me to try to get him medical assistance ASAP, but he insists in that the Cuban government must allow him to return to Cuba, and that I must travel with him.

Illness: Hepatopatía crónica granulomatosa

Last months: Colangitis agudizada recurrente

  • Colangiopancreatografía retrógrada endoscópica

Miriam Leiva

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