Letter to President Barack Obama

Havana, February 23, 2011

Mr. Barack Obama


United States of America

Dear Mr. President:

We deeply appreciate your statement on the 1st anniversary of Orlando Zapata Tamayo’s terrible death, the release of all political prisoners, and supporting us, civil rights activists.

When Cuba is under a comprehensive crisis and the Cuban people is gaining awareness of its rights, Americans visiting our country would be very encouraging in our peaceful path towards democracy and development.

We are concerned over intends to impede links between our peoples, and walks to normalizing relations between our countries. Your Executive Order regarding Cuba on 1.14.11 is very right, and should go further.

We are aware that powerful hardliners within the Cuban authorities strive to hamper any and all approaches, for example by the unjust imprisonment of Mr. Alan Goss, who does not deserve all the suffering he is having, and hypocritically blaming the US embargo to disguise all their wrongdoings.

You have had the courage to assume the presidency of the United States in very complicated circumstances, domestic and international, and are demonstrating great wisdom and sensitivity, from the Health Care Reform to the on going crisis in the Middle East.

We have fully supported you since your nomination and have great hopes.

We wish you, Mr. President, further success and happiness with you beautiful family.

Miriam Leiva, Human Rights Activist (one of the founders of Ladies in White)

Independent journalist since 1996, and blogger since 2007

Oscar Espinosa Chepe, prisoner of conscience of the 75, sentenced to 20 years

conditionally released due to serious health problems;

menaced to be returned to prison any time, but keeps

writing and expressing peacefully.

Economist and independent journalist

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